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Tips on landscaping a vacant lot

Are you thinking of buying a vacant lot but aren’t able to build on it right away? Perhaps you want to leave it just the way it is, or perhaps you want to keep it landscaped to keep the neighborhood looking nice and help keep property values elevated. This is reason enough to keep a vacant lot landscaped but landscaping a vacant lot is also a great way to let trees and perennials take root and get a head start for when you actually do build on the lot. Here are some landscaping ideas to help you get started.

Soil Quality

Depending on where the vacant lot is located, this will determine the quality of the soil. The first step in landscaping is to focus on the quality of the soil. If you know where you plan to build your house on the lot, then avoid focusing on the soil quality in that immediate location. However, where you don’t plan to build and yet where you want to create beautiful landscaping, focus on these areas. Not to mention, where you want the grass to grow heartily, focus there.

Good soil will go a long way to avoiding problems and saving money in the long run. Said negatively, bad soil will create many problems with landscaping. Good soil is the foundation of any good landscaping plan…pun intended. Depending on what the soil quality is like, it may be advisable to bring a layer of topsoil onto the lot. If it isn’t bad, the soil might be able to be conditioned with certain fertilizer depending on the soil type.


Next, you’ll want to think about the groundcover. You won’t be able to landscape the entire vacant lot nor would you want to, so start by thinking of what you would want to cover the ground area inside the lot. Most people may want to get grass started while others won’t mind planting wildflowers to cover the lot.

Regardless, of what you choose, you’ll want something that is desirable, and that will grow heartily in your area and will spread to cover the entire lot.

Property Lines

Since it may be unclear where the house or structure will be built on the vacant lot, it’s best to focus on areas where the house will NOT be. For example, the property lines. The property lines are usually where most of the focus will want to be placed. Very little of the construction will be done on or near the property lines. Property lines are a great location to do landscaping because it’s smart to mark boundaries and always have an understanding where one property ends and the other begins. But it’s also smart because property lines are a great place to put privacy walls/barriers. This could be in the form of fencing and walls or in the form of trees and shrubbery. We have plenty of ideas for privacy barriers. Privacy barriers can also double as a shield from the elements.

Trees, Shrubs, and Ornamental Grasses

The larger plants not located immediately next to the building site are also good to get started on. Obviously, trees and shrubs can take a long time to grow and every year they are in the ground means more shade and enjoyment they can provide you and your family sooner.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to begin landscaping your vacant lot even if you haven’t started building. Getting a head start on the landscaping process can help the building process be less hectic as its one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Not to mention that the plants will get a head start and be more established down the road.

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